Mid-Illinois Dollars for Scholars Foundation is the Bloomington Normal chapter of the national Dollars for Scholars which is a division of Scholarship America. We serve the Bloomington Normal area. Our chapter was formed in 2004.

Dollars for Scholars is a program of Scholarship America®, the nation's largest nonprofit, private-sector scholarship and educational support organization. The national Dollars for Scholars program and Scholarship America provide the Illinois Dollars for Scholars region and its local chapter affiliates with more than 45 years of experience and proven resources.

Dollars for Scholars is a national network of grassroots, community-based, volunteer-driven scholarship foundations in cities, towns and neighborhoods in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Dollars for Scholars scholarships are critical to many students' ability to overcome the rising cost of tuition. Each community that starts a Dollars for Scholars chapter sends its youth a message of hope, encouraging students by letting them know that there is an entire community of volunteers who support their success and share their educational dreams.

The common element in Dollars for Scholars chapters is community-based fundraising for scholarships awarded to local students. Beyond these scholarships, a growing number of Dollars for Scholars chapters now offer a variety of academic support programs connecting students and parents with resources in the community-from mentoring and tutoring programs to finding financial aid to securing grants and loans.

Our funds have all been donated by caring individuals in the community. The majority of our donations are community based. That's why we need your and the community's support.